Marxist Education Library

The following collection of educational materials was made available by the Socialist Alliance and Resistance Books. All downloadable titles are in PDF format and can be downloaded free of charge.

Australian history & politics

  • 25 Years of Secondary Student Revolt 1968-1993 by Greg Adamson. 2019, 32pp
  • Bludgers in Grass Castles Native Title & the Unpaid Debts of the Pastoral Industry by Martin Taylor. 1997, 40pp
  • Green Politics at an Impasse by Lisa Macdonald. 1996, 39pp
  • Labor & the Fight for Socialism (Document of the Democratic Socialist Party). 1984, 80pp
  • Refugees Exposing Howard's Lies by Sarah Stephen. 2002, 43pp
  • Refugees & the Rich-World Fortress by Sarah Stephen. 2005, 60pp

Capitalism & imperialism

  • Education: For Slavery or Liberation? A Socialist Perspective by Jo Williams. 1999, 22pp
  • Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory by Ernest Mandel. 2002, 64pp
  • Marxist Economics A Handbook of Basic Definitions. Introduction by Allen Myers. 1998, 44pp
  • Neoliberal Globalisation & the Third World by Fidel Castro. 2000, 52pp
  • Oppose Corporate Tyranny! Why the World Bank, The IMF & the WTO Should be Abolished by Sean Healy et al. 2000, 58pp
  • WTO Globalisation at Gunpoint by Eva Cheng. 2003, 44pp

Cuban & Venezuelan Revolutions

  • Building Socialism in Cuba Seven Speeches by Fidel Castro. 2021, 168pp
  • Cuba as Alternative An Introduction to Cuba's Socialist Revolution by Neville Spencer et al, 2000, 112pp
  • Cuba’s socialist renewal By Marce Cameron. 2010. 33pp
  • The Cuban Revolution & Its Leadership A Reply to a Sectarian Criticism by Doug Lorimer. 2000, 64pp
  • The Cuban Revolution Defying Imperialism, Building the Alternative (Document of the DSP). 2005, 64pp
  • Venezuela The Revolution Unfolding in Latin America by Jorge Jorquera. 2003, 44pp

Ecology & climate change

  • Dollars for Death Say No to Uranium Mining & Nuclear Power by Jim Green et al. 2012, 44pp
  • Environment, Capitalism & Socialism (Document of the DSP). 1999, 212pp
  • If the Climate Were a Bank, It Would Have Already Been Saved by Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, et al. 2010, 44pp
  • Stop Uranium Mining Australia's Decade of Protest 1975-85 by Greg Adamson. 1999, 48pp

Feminism & gender politics

  • Abortion: A Woman's Right to Choose The Case for Law Repeal by Pip Hinman & Claudine Holt. 1998, 36pp
  • Feminism & Socialism Putting the Pieces Together (Document of the DSP). 1997, 96pp
  • The Dispossession of Women A Marxist Examination of New Evidence on the Origins of Women's Oppression by Pat Brewer. 2017, 44pp


  • Bosnia, Kosova & the West The Yugoslav Tragedy: A Marxist View by Mike Karadjis. 2000, 256pp
  • Comrades in Arms Bolshevik Women in the Russian Revolution by Kathy Fairfax. 2017, 40pp
  • Croatian Nationalism & the Fight for Socialism by Dave Holmes et al. 1983, 43pp
  • Ten Days That Shook the World by John Reed 2017, 300pp
  • The Class Nature of the People's Republic of China by Doug Lorimer. 2004, 44pp
  • The Palestinian Struggle, Zionism & Anti-Semitism by Doug Lorimer et al. 2002, 56pp
  • The Vietnamese Revolution & Its Leadership by Allen Myers. 2004, 64pp
  • Why Washington Hates Iran A Political Memoir of the Revolution that Shook the Middle East by Barry Sheppard, 2008, pp44

Marxist theory

  • Can the Working Class Make a Socialist Revolution? by Ernest Mandel & George Novack. 2002, 64pp
  • Fascism What It Is & How to Fight It by Leon Trotsky. 2002, 52pp
  • Fundamentals of Historical Materialism The Marxist View of History & Politics by Doug Lorimer. 1999, 216pp
  • How to Make a Revolution Liberalism, Ultraleftism & Mass Action by Peter Camejo. 2017, 40pp
  • Imperialism in the 21st Century War, Neo-Liberalism & Globalisation by Doug Lorimer. 2002, 44pp
  • Revolutionaries & Parliament by Maurice Sibelle. 1993, 30pp
  • State Capitalism A Marxist Critique of a False Theory by Barry Sheppard & Ernest Mandel. 2007, 48pp
  • The Collapse of 'Communism' in the USSR Its Causes & Significance by Doug Lorimer. 1997, 48pp
  • The Communist International in Lenin's Time by John Riddell. 2008, 44pp
  • Trotsky's Theory of Permanent Revolution A Leninist Critique by Doug Lorimer. 1998, 80pp

Party building

  • Building the Revolutionary Party An Introduction to James P. Cannon by Dave Holmes et al. 1997, 104pp
  • Building the Revolutionary Party Jim Percy Selected Writings 1980-87 by Jim Percy. 2008, 212pp
  • Lenin & the Bolshevik Party A Reply to Tony Cliff & the International Socialists by Bruce Landau. 2002, 64pp
  • The Party: The Socialist Workers Party 1960-1988, Volume 1 The Sixties A Political Memoir by Barry Sheppard. 2005, 372pp
  • The Party: The Socialist Workers Party 1960-1988, Volume 2 Interregnum, Decline and Collapse, 1973-1988 A Political Memoir by Barry Sheppard. 2005, 372pp
  • The Revolutionary Press by Dave Holmes. 1998, 20pp

Marxist classics

  • Democracy & Revolution by V.I. Lenin. 2001, 224pp
  • Fighting for Socialism in the 'American Century' by James P. Cannon. 2000, 280pp
  • Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism by V.I. Lenin. 1999, 152pp
  • 'Left-Wing' Communism — An Infantile Disorder by V.I. Lenin. 1999, 152pp
  • Marxism & Nationalism by V.I. Lenin. 2002, 280pp
  • Marxism Versus Anarchism by Karl Marx et al. 2001, 240pp
  • Marxism, Socialism & Religion by Karl Marx et al. 2001, 160pp
  • Marxist Writings on History & Philosophy by George Novack. 2002, 272pp
  • On the Emancipation of Women by V.I. Lenin. 2003, 184pp
  • Socialism on Trial by James P. Cannon. 1999, 212pp
  • Socialism: Utopian & Scientific by Frederick Engels. 1999, 112pp
  • The Birth of Bolshevism Volume 1 Lenin's Struggle Against Economism by V.I. Lenin. 2004, 288pp
  • The Birth of Bolshevism Volume 2 Bolshevism Versus Menshevism by V.I. Lenin. 2020, 266pp.
  • The Class Struggles in France From the February Revolution to the Paris Commune by Karl Marx. 2003, 328pp
  • The Communist Manifesto & Its Relevance Today by Karl Marx & Frederick Engels. 2017, 104pp
  • The Fight Against Fascism in the USA by James P. Cannon et al. 2003, 240pp
  • The Origin of the Family, Private Property & the State by Frederick Engels. 2004, 184pp
  • The State & Revolution by V.I. Lenin. 1999, 112pp
  • The Struggle for a Proletarian Party by James P. Cannon. 2001, 304pp
  • Their Morals & Ours The Marxist View of Morality by Leon Trotsky et al. 2000, 104pp
  • The Transitional Program & the Struggle for Socialism by Leon Trotsky. 1999, 80pp

The Democratic Socialist Party & Resistance

  • Education for Socialists Class Guides for the Study of Marxism Volume 1. 2002, 48pp
  • Education for Socialists Class Guides for the Study of Marxism Volume 2. 2002, 43pp
  • Organisational Principles & Methods of the Democratic Socialist Party by Reihana Mohideen et al. 1998, 104pp
  • Program of the Democratic Socialist Party. 1994, 168pp
  • Revolutionary Strategy & Tactics in the Trade Unions (Document of the DSP, 1984). 2001, 52pp
  • Socialism & the Struggle for the Rights of Lesbians & Gay Men (Document of the DSP). 1997, 52pp
  • The Democratic Socialist Party & the Fourth International by Jim Percy & Doug Lorimer. 2001, 52pp
  • What Socialists Stand For An Introduction to the Democratic Socialist Party & Resistance, 1998, 37pp